Workshops and Groups for Single Women*

  • Do hopelessness, overwhelm, or lack of motivation stop you from dating?

  • Do you find it difficult to bounce back from rejection?

  • Does the thought of dating fill you with exhaustion?

If you’re one of the many women who dreads dating, join us for an Overcoming Dating Fatigue workshop or 8-week group.  Through group discussions, personal sharings, and expressive arts activities, identify the old wounds, self-defeating patterns, and unreasonable expectations that zap your dating energy.  Learn how to boost your dating resiliency through gentle-yet-honest self-talk, self-assessment, and self-care.  A community of like-minded women and a skilled dating therapist are waiting to help you:

  • Bounce back quickly from rejections

  • Exude authentic confidence

  • Get re-energized and re-motivated

  • Enjoy dating again 

  • Flirt more easily

  • Honor your struggles and celebrate your victories

  • Take more risks

  • Be present and playful on dates

  • Love yourself along the way to a loving relationship

*Female-identified persons of all sexualities, abilities, and experience levels are welcome

Ready to revitalize your dating life?


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