After working with hundreds of singles, we identified four keys to dating success.

Dating Strategy

Most people approach dating with hope and excitement, only to become overwhelmed and disheartened by the difficulty of meeting someone special.  Between online dating, awkward first dates, and all the "nos," it's easy to give up.

 At Bay Area Dating Coach, we believe that developing a dating strategy is the key to persisting long enough to meet your mate.  We help you develop a strategy that systematizes where, when, and how you date so that you can focus your energy on connecting with your dates.  

Dating SKills

Once a dating strategy is in place and you've begun the courting process, it's time to assess your dating skills.  You'll know your skills are lacking if you feel lost about how to connect with your love interest or never seem to get past the first date.  

At Bay Area Dating Coach, we assess your dating skills and provide skills-training exercises tailored to your individual needs.  We've developed easy-to-use practices to help you improve your conversations, body language, appearance, flirtation, humor, and emotional connections on dates.

Dating Confidence

If you find yourself making excuses and avoiding dating, or forgetting to use your skills on dates because you're so nervous, you may have dating anxiety.  Dating anxiety is the fear of being humiliated and rejected in dating situations.  It's what makes you sweat, tremble, stumble over your words, self-criticize, and obsess about how stupid you were for making that dumb joke.

At Bay Area Dating Coach, we are proud to specialize in psychologically-informed approaches to building self-confidence. We know that overcoming dating anxiety requires skilled and progressive treatment and we use the top evidence-based treatments, including cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and drama therapy.  

Dating Wisdom

What does it take to attract, build, and nurture a healthy relationship? At Bay Area Dating Coach, we believe the success of our relationships relies on two things: self-awareness and relationship intelligence. 

Whether you're struggling to get over your last relationship, trust and open up to potential mates, or attract a healthy partner, we're here to support you.  We provide a safe place to understand and disrupt unhealthy patterns, heal heartbreak, and learn how to show up authentically and passionately in dating.

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