For many, dating isn't all roses and romantic kisses in the rain.

In fact, for some, dating is just plain painful.

Which is confusing.  Isn't finding love supposed to be pleasurable? 

have you ever heard the saying "how you do anything is how you do everything?"

Most of us think of dating as a series of steps - you meet, date, and, if there's a mutual attraction, continue dating with the hopes of "happily ever after."  Simple, right?


Don't get us wrong.  For some, dating is relatively simple.  They may be conventionally attractive, naturally charismatic, or downright lucky. Perhaps they received enough love and acceptance throughout life to feel comfortable reaching out for intimacy.

not all of us have been so fortunate.

Many of us had our hearts broken at some point.  Sometimes by an ex, other times by family, peers, or life itself.

Many of us have learned that love is dangerous.

Perhaps your loved ones bullied, excessively criticized, controlled, or neglected you. Or an ex, the one who seemed like the One, cheated, manipulated, or even abused you. 

Maybe you've been told that you don't fit into the box society deems beautiful. 

Dating requires us to face the wounds that have kept us single.  It draws out our most vulnerable parts -- those shadowy nooks and crannies that we'd otherwise locked away for safe keeping.

Dating asks us (sometimes very loudly) to tend to our heart wounds.

For those of us who've been hurt, dating isn't just about dinner and a movie.  It's a neon sign pointing to what needs healing.   It's a call to grieve and seek self-understanding.  

When it comes to dating, the only way out is through.

We must face our low self-esteem, traumas, and dating anxiety and find greater self love.  We must come to understand the patterns underneath our avoidance, self-sabatoge, and tendency to attract unavailable mates.

Thankfully, we needn't do it alone.

Dating Therapy

Dating psychotherapy provides the support and guidance needed to uncover and address the roots of your dating difficulties.  During weekly sessions with a highly skilled psychotherapist, you'll gain the insight and tools needed to overcome dating anxiety, low self-esteem, and heartbreak.

We see dating therapy as a relationship laboratory, a safe place to experiment, get feedback, and learn what works.  You'll naturally learn and hone your intimacy-building skills as you build and deepen your relationship with your therapist.

Our therapists use a variety of techniques, including talk therapy, drama therapy, and mindfulness techniques.  We provided skilled treatment for those whose dating issues are directly tied to mental health diagnoses such as social anxiety, depression, ADHD, or high functioning autism.

Dating therapy is right for you if you:

  • Are motivated to make significant changes.

  • Want to understand the underlying patterns that keep you single.

  • Feel that a previous experience is stopping you from moving on and your dating life.

  • Have good enough dating strategy and skills, yet struggle to build healthy relationships.

  • Struggle with low self-esteem and dating anxiety.

  • Are willing to experience discomfort in order to gain self-awareness.

  • Have not been recently hospitalized for mental illness (within the last year).

  • Receive effective treatment for any serious mental illnesses, including addiction, personality disorders and major mood disorders.

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