Once upon a time, singles relied upon family, local communities, and matchmakers to find and nurture love. 

Things have changed.

"Modernity" called for new ways of living that has increased disconnection and eroded communities.

Singles were left to fend for themselves.

They sought out the newest dating apps. They went to more awkward wine & cheese socials than they could stomach.   

Most left feeling lost & alone.

Because Okcupid and speed dating aren't enough.  They can't replace the structures that humanity developed over thousands of years to help singles meet their match.

Don't get us wrong.

We think modern dating tools are necessary and sometimes even effective.

We just disagree with the message that singles must bear their loneliness and somehow stop being single all by themselves.

Enter Dating Coaching 

Through dating coaching, you can get the support you need to create a satisfying love life.

Your coach will help you develop the strategy, skills, and follow-through needed to connect deeply with suitable love interests.

Your coach will act as mentor, strategist, cheerleader, and teacher.  

Coaching is action- and near-term-results oriented, so expect homework assignments, skill-building through role-plays, honest feedback, and tough love nudges.

If you're looking for help overcoming the psychological blocks that keep you single, we recommend checking out our dating therapy services.

Our Coaching Services

We offer private, 50-minute sessions on a regular basis or by consultation to those who'd like to improve their dating lives.  In addition, we offer workshops and in-the-field sessions, such as assisting with a wardrobe make-over or side coaching at a social event.

Coaching works best on an in-person, weekly basis.  For those who can only attend sessions virtually or have limited time or resources, we offer online, bi-weekly, and by-consultation sessions. 

Coaching is charged by the session.  We do not offer packages, however we've developed two Coaching Tracks to reflect our recommended course of coaching in the areas of Dating Strategy and Dating Skills.  

Our coaches take great care in the assessment phase to ensure that our services address your specific needs and don't waste your precious time and money.  As such, please let us know if you'd like to focus on an area of dating not listed here or only a portion of one of our dating tracks. 

Coaching Tracks

After working with hundreds of singles, we found that many struggle with dating because they lack an effective dating strategy, dating skills, or both.  As such, we created the following coaching tracks:

Dating Strategy Coaching 

Develop and implement a dating strategy that let's you relax and focus on connecting with love interests.  Dating strategy coaching includes:

  • Choosing the best place for you to meet the kinds of singles you're interested in.

  • Planning activities and locations for first dates and beyond.

  • Clarifying what a "typical" dating relationship progression looks like.

  • Understanding best practices for communicating before & after dates.

  • Systematizing your dating plan so that you can relax and focus on making deep connections.

  • Developing a self-care plan that enables you to weather rejection and search long enough to meet your match.

  • Online dating profile, picture, & messaging guidance.

  • Training on how to meet singles offline and move from hello to first date.

  • Accountability, support, and trouble-shooting help as you implement your dating strategy.

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your dating strategy and adjusting as needed.

We recommend at least 12 coaching sessions to develop, implement, and hone your dating strategy.

Dating Skills Coaching

If you're meeting new singles on a regular basis but aren't getting as many yeses as you'd like, we recommend dating skills coaching.  Your coach will help you hone your dating skills so that you can build deeper, longer-lasting connections.  Largely experiential, your coach will help you improve your:

  • Appearance

  • Conversation skills

  • Listening skills

  • Body language

  • Flirtation skills

  • Humor and playfulness

  • Touch

  • Ability to build an emotional connection

  • Assertiveness skills

We recommend at least 12 sessions of dating skills coaching to effectively learn, practice, and integrate your new skills.

where coaching happens

One of the wonderful things about coaching is that it can be done in a number of different settings, providing flexibility to meet your individual needs.


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  • "in the field," E.G. at a bar or mall

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