Honest feedback is priceless. It's also hard to get.

If you struggle to get second dates (or any dates at all!) and don't know why, it's time for an outside perspective.

we don't recommend asking friends.  unless you're dying to hear "you're such a nice guy/girl, just be yourself!" for the thousandth time. 

So, where to go for honest, actionable feedback, sans sugar-coating?

Introducing Mock Dates

Mock date sessions start with a 1-hour "date" at a local cafe or bar.  Showcase your best dating self to your coach, who will play the part of blind date.  Grab drinks, talk, flirt -- just about everything you would do on a usual date.

Afterwards, spend another hour debriefing the date in private, reviewing your dating strengths and weaknesses.  Your coach will offer honest feedback using our 16-point dating skill rubric, including an assessment of your:

  • Appearance

  • Body language

  • Conversation skills

  • Flirtation

  • Intimacy building

Get specific, concrete, and actionable feedback about how you come across.

Once you have a clearer picture of what you need to work on, you'll have the option to continue working with your coach, who can provide skill-building exercises and role-plays to further support your dating success.

dating experience, reality-based assessment, and laser-focused coaching.  what more could you need? 

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